LED Lighting Protective Venting Solution

LED Lighting Protective Venting Solution

Atlanta Venting Solutions for LED Lighting

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) will continue to be the future of commercial and consumer lighting applications. Advantages over incandescent lighting include lower heat, lower energy use, and lower failure rates. Atlanta can provide top quality venting for LED fixtures and enclosures.

Higher Performance and Increased Cost Savings

Atlanta venting products provide barrier protection against the elements, and quick heat dissipation on LED enclosures to provide greater reliability and long-term performance. Applicable for
  • Street lamps
  • Industrial lighting
  • Vehicle lighting
  • Highway signals
  • Warning signals
  • Emergency lighting
  • Traffic signals
  • Marine lighting
  • Railway signals
  • Dock/Port lighting
  • Marine beacons
  • Rescue signals
  • All weather applications
  • Severe climate locations


Atlanta LED venting solutions will:
  • Protect against oils, fluids and environmental contaminants.
  • Allow airflow and repels water through our patented repellency treatment.
  • Protect against dust, dirt and other particulates with superior barriers resistance
  • Equalize pressure to minimize condensation
  • Perform well in any climate
  • Reduce damaging heat to critical components
  • Allow the fixture to breathe safely.
LED Lighting Protective Venting Solution
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