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Atlanta Technologies is an FDA registered, confidential converter, and contract manufacturer of disposable medical devices and components for the healthcare industry. We have aseptic white and clean room facilities and operate under strict adherence to GMP requirements, Atlanta technologies maintains detailed records and tracing ability of all input materials, Our process allows for quick turnaround of prototypes and samples for immediate testing and product qualification.

We offer a wide range of medical filtration components. Please contact us regarding your specific application.

Ostomy Filtration and Venting

  • A universal venting filter used for medical devices.
  • The 3 layer construction offers peace of mind protection by adsorbing odors quickly, and preventing accidental leakage.
  • The top layer consists of high grade activated carbon with an antimicrobial treatment. This layer adsorbs odors quickly and effectively.
  • The middle PTFE layer is a hydrophobic/oleophobic high flow membrane. Resistant to most chemicals and solvents, this layer equalizes pressure and prevents liquid permeation and ballooning.
  • The lower adhesive layer provides a quick installation and a secure seal.
  • Filter can be custom sized to fit a wide variety of ostomy products lab filters
Ostomy Vent

Vent Filter Construction

Vent Filter Construction

Also Available

  • IV filter vents
  • Urine drain bag filter
  • Ostomy filters and vents
  • Electronic filters
  • Diagnostic vents
  • Custom application Disk drive filters
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